Will the dollar fail and cause chaos?

Will the US dollar stop being the reserve currency for the world in the very near future and will that trigger riots/chaos in the US? Would Marshal Law be declared?

There are many schemes devised for the disruption and the continuity of daily life in the united States. It is important to say that the dollar is not the strongest currency in terms of reliability and economic production. There is a great deception to perpetuate the myth to the American people, and even those that report on it, that it is the strongest and most reliable currency. There is a method for calculating the structure of industry and its reliability within each economic area. These means and methods to not rely on currency and are more substantial and more accurate in determining the stronger government, stronger economy, stronger production, and the long-term sustainability of a value. Know that in your currency there are many who are going to devalue the dollar by other means and actions. It will not be their intent, but the profit margin within their companies is more important to them. There will be more devaluing and therefore the dollar will eventually become worthless. What is also taking place on this same time line is that others are realizing that this is not a true method for determining value and it distracts us all form the true meaning and effort associated with each product. The economy is often an arbitrary and abstract thought for many. It is simply the relation of your dollar and what it is able to purchase for you at the market once you have produced some amount of work in order to obtain the dollar. There will be a time when Marshall Law is declared but this is not a widespread problem, this will be very isolated and conducted with the segregation of the media. This is more difficult to do today since there are so many outlets for media and methods for communication between people in various regions. Yes, it was done previously that there would intentionally be no reporting on a subject simply because no information was given or because instructions were given to not broadcast on a topic. Ever more is the media relying on the government for information, they do not wish to gather problems in their future by not complying. There are deeper interests than what is being reported and not reported.

You will not experience this in your lifetime but there will be a degradation of society just as many have seen in science-fiction movies of Hollywood. This is not a negative impact on culture and society, but so much of what you do is a facade and has you so removed form the very nature of the world, that it will happen simply because there is not enough in terms of tent poles to keep the tent up which was built on a solid foundation but is now controlled for ludicrous means.

The method of buying and selling and using the dollar will become less important for many. Just as the rule of law has become unnecessary and in many cases the government even being supportive of the people, it will be less about global monetary value in the very near future.

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