Today’s channeled message from my spirit guides


We are ready for your enjoyment those who work with you, those who observe and interact with your plane. We are ready for you to be happy. The difficult aspect of being happy is that the being chooses to be unhappy. There is a world of positive energy available at your fingertips. It’s only a matter of choosing to engage it, use it, feel it, bathe your body in it.

Tomorrow is a day of change. Tomorrow is not a day to procrastinate or dwell on history and worry about previous actions. History is a learning process, it was your “classroom of previous days.” It is only important that you learn and take information from the full situation. Guide yourself to happiness. Being part of your life that you choose to be within is all that is needed.

There are many who face depression. Change this for yourself. Greater aspects of hangs are needed. The desire to aid yourself in an exterior remedy is not beneficial, the remainder of any hope is within you. This is the source of any power, the source of any other being. You use this power, you ignore it, or you allow others to use it.

You are a powerful creator. It is time to choose your thoughts, choose your destiny and move in its direction! There are no rules by which you are bound. Do not wear shackles that have been passed down to you by old thought processes.

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