Clean water


Is there a simple method for ocean water desalination? Is there a simple method to make any water safe, clean, and potable?

The reason for your drinking water problem is that no one cares much for the way in which products are created or produced for consumption. Even the rain water for watering crops and cleaning, there is no much concern for these things so long as they are produced and continue to be produced for mass consumption. It is the fact that so many believe that there is a never-ending supply which causes the problem. So many are unaware of the effort that is taken to produce clean water and that clean water is not clean in areas with clean water, and there are areas in which there are no industrialized or commercial means to obtain water.

There is not a rant or tangent which we want to undertake to drag people to the conclusion that we are overly concerned with the Earth and nature, these things will survive no matter your input, but for your time here they can produce beneficially or be a hazard and detriment as you see it. You willingly pollute your own drinking water, but many do not see it this way. You create runoff which you care not where it ends up and many are unaware of where it ends up. That it “ends up” anywhere is a terrible impact. Chemicals are intentionally and accidentally allowed into the ground, inter rivers, lakes, streams, sanitary water supplies for cities are impact by these practices. The water that would have been potable by much simpler means cannot now be processed without further detriment to the beings that consume it.

It is important to say that not all beings care for certain areas of life but the beings that do have concern show take physical action to remedy it. So many allow beings who do not truly have concern, they allow these beings to be in charge, in control, wield power over things which they do not truly care for, meanwhile those who do care, and those who would follow another path are sitting in their living rooms offering complaints or suggestions, or passively go with the standard of society, while offering up criticism to no one in a position who has authority to change the practices. There are many who are full of good intentions but they make no effort to persuade others. While it is not necessary for you to do or not do anything it is important that you realize that finding a solution for yourself is not the only possibility, finding a solution for a greater number than one is beneficial to all beings on many levels. Offering education, making it available, it is important. Dragging beings to the tale to receive an education is not important and should not be the focus. Stop polluting your water and you will have an easier time cleaning it, you will have true water, rather than a method for carrying inactive chemicals which have only been made neutral by other chemicals added to your water for safety.

Desalination is not an easy process nor will the entire water supply of the world ever change fully to pure drinking water free from that which would harm you now if you ingested it in great supply. The method now that is best for all includes filters and a method of boiling. Adding any chemical to the water to make it clean is not a method of clearing. You are additionally polluting that which is already dirty. Eliminating process which involve polluting your current supply will make water reclamation easier in the future. It will take a great deal of time to see the benefits since nature must first undo what has been done before it can do what is normally done. Make improvements and take actions to include in your water supply, water drainage, downspouts, sink drains, sewer and storm drains only water. Only water should enter these areas. Water does not need the extra work of hauling contaminants which should have never been created in the first place. This is true not simply for obvious pollutants but for excess food, excess is waste, water and the current cleaning process should not be further taxed by placing food scraps down the sink drain. Soaps and other materials, excess drugs, should not be included in any system which drinking water is processed.

The realization for many that all water is recycles in a stringent process may be absurd, but that which you send from your home will one day return. It is important to understand the impact and implications of the actions you take today and the waste you crate today. Take time to lessen the waste you create and the methods by which you seek to reduce the time it takes to complete a task. There is so much more you can do when you are not only concerned with creating more free time. Your free time only becomes filled with other plans and objects that do not fulfill you.


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