Methods and forms of healing

Some forms of healing bring outside energy from other beings or the environment through a channel, others use only the energy of the healer/medium/channeler, and others use both. Is one method better or stronger than another? Is there any negative possibility in any of these?

There is always a desire to help and this comes from the initiator, the being in the physical plane. This being is not dependent on others to harness their personal energy or environmental energy for the benefit of their own being or that of another. It matters little the method so long as they understand that cause and effect of energy usage. It is not necessary to refill your own energy in the same manner one refills their own cup once they have used the entire resource. It is possible to fully recharge by rest and relaxation, good health practices, diet, maintenance of the mind and body overall.

It is important to know that this is true in all areas where energy is concerned and this should be all areas. We are not saying to you that you must record tally marks of incoming and outgoing energy. The method by which energy is traded, exchanged, used, and restored are too numerous to record accurately by current levels of understanding, and even to the initiated there is a never-ending level of counting that would take place. It is necessary that you record only in your mind your intention so that you too are not in need of healing.

It is important that any program you choose is one that you feel completely at home within. This also means that, as with any study, you address your concerns, you dismiss that which, after careful study, is not for you. It is not necessary to be entrenched in any specific dogma because they are all true to some degree and at various times are what specific individuals will need.

It is important that if you decide to call for the assistance or pure usage and delivery of energy from outside beings, beings other than yourself, that you understand that this energy can come through you, and can be delivered without you. It is not important in many cases which is more desirable. It is important that you understand your work as a channel makes you more susceptible to certain actions and emotions of others. Experiencing their energy can be detrimental if you do not recall your own attentiveness. We do not mean to include in this the energy of the being bringing additional healing energy to you, we mean only the one who is in some perceived state of detriment and wishes to have it corrected.

There is not one method better than another. You should understand that your body, when used as a physical channel for the delivery of outside energy, or as an antenna to receive naturally occurring energy or the energy from another being, that when you do these things you are often raising your vibration. You can call yourself a medium or a channel because you are literally an “in between” for the energy to reach from the healing assistant or spirit being to the physical being in the human form requesting the energy.

It is important to say that when we discuss the higher or lower vibration of energy we do not intend to define one energy as superior or inferior to another. It is important to understand that the energy that we speak of simply expresses the nature of the energy. Even your science notes this aspect – in order to touch something physical, a solid, the particles are moving at a much slower or lower rate, those that are gases, non-solids are moving at a faster or higher rate. In this way then we can see that a being without a physical body is moving at a faster or higher rate and energy will be delivered to a lower or slower container, the container of course is the intended being to receive healing energy of some kind. As the medium or channeler you are existing somewhere between these two realms. You are aware of energy, you raise your vibration. It is not necessary for a spirit guide or being to use you but in many cases it assists greatly in the delivery of energy. Think of a river with a lock and dam and how it is made easier to travel because of this device. Now, in many cases, that same waterway would be much more difficult to traverse if there was no device in place to make the waterway more easily navigated. In this way, this is the case in hands-on healing when energy is being brought from one being through another, to enter the being of another.

Additionally, the need/request/intention is amplified because where there was previously only one being requesting the healing, you now have two, the healer/medium/channel and the person requesting the healing. This intention is now amplified and greater numbers coming together to achieve a specific goal bring even more together than only their physical presence. It is necessary to understand that all is energy, and when expressed as an intention, the dual nature of healer and receiver creates further impression on the energy which shall be sent or converted for the positive outcome desired.

It is not all known yet how many will receive information such as this but a comparison to make it more relatable is that of prayer. Prayer is not religious and it is in religion. Do not shy away from or come closer only because we are using a familiar word. Understand that prayer is universal and is only a word to describe an action. Prayer is intent, prayer is not to a being which cannot help you, prayer is an intention sent into the universe. When more minds and energy are focused on the intention more power is being applied to this outcome, more energy being allocated and more resources used. This does not make a widespread prayer more likely to come to pass than that which is only spoken or intended upon by a single person, but if each being is a ray of light there will be one giant and much grater visible beam when they are all focused on the same point (same intention).

Fear nothing you experience in this lifetime. Fear will block more from your learning and experience than it will protect you.

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