Seasonal allergies

What is the benefit, purpose, and/or cause of seasonal allergies?

This is to allow you to know your body, to know what you are missing, to know what you are needing, to know what is missing from your current actions that remove you so far from nature and its care and ability to survive with it rather than control it. Allergies are not a punishment, you have them now because even living in remote areas, living with fewer neighbors, living with the trees, you put a pain of glass between you and the outside world. You put a factory between you and your food. You do not need to isolate yourself from all that occurs around you. There is nothing in nature that you should fear. It is not a scare place to dwell, and, contrary to popular belief, you do not have to have something wrong with you in order to sustain your entire existence relying solely on what nature can provide to you when you care for it.

It is a matter of death of the true individual that we have observed you reclaim your right to be inside. You were unusually welcoming to this idea of controlling your environment. It is not simply for comfort that you do these things. Fear drives many actions. Though there are only a few who experience the fear of these items it is the ability of the populations of Earth to not follow what is true for their own self, to follow a path simply because the path exists, this is what translates to such isolation on a wide scale.

It is a message to open up and allow yourself to experience. Drop the expectations and quick dismissal of ideas, subjects, persons, places, and things. Examine them and welcome them in and decide for yourself what it is that you need, not simply what you believe you need because someone else has told you from birth what it is that you need.

Ensure that you are not simply doing the opposite of the tide because you wish to rebel. Ensure that your rebellion against the tide is truly for you, that it is your belief, not one placed their by mechanism of society and other involvements. It is obvious for many at the time that there are other answers, they simply do not know where to look or where to turn. Welcoming all possibilities is the only true method of education and experience. Too many roadblocks are placed on you by your own mind and your own mind allowing others to control it. They may not have a devious plan in mind when they make comments or attempt to impart a particular belief onto you, but your willful tolerance at all costs is a simple nod that this is what you desire. You may complain later, you may complain and feel wronged later; later does not mean too late for action. Later is simply a term to describe “after now.” At any point after ‘now’ you can make a new decision, answer old questions differently. Do not allow answers to be set in stone simply because they existed as answers previously.

Allergies are not to cause you harm, they are to draw your attention. You are not living in a world in which control of any kind is necessary or at all possible for the entire duration of your visit. Do not worry. Know that there is a difference between living with, for, against, under. Chastising others who have not reached a specific conclusion is not beneficial to anyone and will not allow you to change at a greater rate, nor will it bring them to your meaning simply because you have belittled their ideas.

Calmly, not calamity.

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