Heel pain, Achilles tendinities

What is the purpose of heel pain and Achilles tendinitis? How can it be remedied?

The heel pain that is not traumatic, and even the pain that is occurring in some violent traumatic event, this is calling to our past, to your previous actions, to your own personal history and the manner in which you feel that it supports and carries you forward. Your past, for any being, does not propel you forward in the method that you believe. All actions lead you to your present, they create for you the present. They have brought you to the present, but all life is not created and propelled forward based on your history. It is important to realize that all things in a a particular home are not always there for the support of the individual, many things are present out of the inborn necessity that is created by society. This too is present in the manner in which many feel pain. This is not simply an injury or area of pain that the physically fit or physically unfit will feel. This is a hastening of your mind to follow certain routines from your past when they are not necessary for you now.

No repetitious action is necessary unless, for you it brings great satisfaction. Those things that cause you pain need not be repeated, but humans are creatures of comfort and routine and return over and over again to that which is familiar.

It is not a matter of relieving physical pain, it is a matter of releasing previous guilt, previous obsessions, previous routines from which much of what occurs in the present is based. It is important to understand that the present is the present, you should not be ashamed of or worry over your history, you are present now because of what has taken place, you can create new history or change direction, but you should not cling to any single thing that is clearly not supporting you. Often times we cling to things that were not detrimental but have become now less supportive because our view of life has changed or our purpose has realigned, or what we are doing and who we have become is simply different that what it was previously. Do not view these things as positive and negative. Simply allow them to be and allow yourself to experience the enterprise of life and all of its expressions.

The past is behind you, it can support you in lessons but it is not something to oppress you. The foundations you create to day are not physically responsible for supporting your home of ideas in the future. What you create now are footsteps down a path, those steps lead to others steps which can take you to knew areas. You are not building or constructing a building in anyway that requires the foundation to be built out of the past in order to stand into the future.

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