Poison Ivy

What is the purpose of poison ivy and the way in which it causes skin irritation?

There is not some magical potion that relive this for you specifically, for anyone. There is a cause and effect here that wishes to call your attention to the careful consideration of planning events and critically thinking in the manner in which you engage in events. It is impossible for you to prepare for every possible outcome. What would the nature of life be if you knew what was always waiting around the corner? Do not worry that you are not prepared. You are prepared for nothing, you are prepared for all things. Your nature, your personal nature, allows you to engage in all things and to grow and adapt and learn from them without harm to some inner part of your being that will damage you forever in some way. This is the fear that many have, that they must make a decision in some way while knowing all of the possibilities, what should be acknowledged and followed is your heart, your true self, the higher being residing in the physical body. Not knowing something does not make you less capable. You are always capable of learning and growing and you are capable of making decisions without considering all possibilities and working them over in your head to prepare for all things that may be on the path ahead.

This does not mean that you should carefully consider everything, nor does it mean you should hastily make any decision without caution, nor is any answer universal and applicable in all situations. It is important to understand that often, inaction is present, what appears as in action is present because there is a fear of the opportunity. No opportunity is ever missed and there are other opportunities found simply in denying the self something, but it is important to know that when you are worried about a decision, and your decision making process is blocking your outcome, you will experience things such as the irritation of poison ivy. Poison ivy is less about the physical irritation that it presents and more about the ability of the mind to control anything and everything but also the ability of the true being to “go with the flow” of the universe without causing further unnecessary stress simply because you are focused on the need to know what is behind each door.

Patience. You can patiently await, you can ignore the need to know. You should not deny yourself nor should you over indulge yourself but you should carefully balance all things. Keep in your mind that you are not alone, you are not working alone, nor are there things that you should do to hurt yourself, such as the case of additional stress. When you are so focused on one aspect of life there are billions of other occurrences happening around you at any given instant. You may easily achieve something but you may also need to step away from an incident or idea to better understand it by way of examining another area of life. Do not focus so intently on one aspect that you ignore all others. Do not focus so intently that this one area or thing creeps in on every aspect of your life, invading every other decision that you will make. You are a being that experiences many things, not one single lesson, emotion, type of being, or idea. It is with this purpose in mind that you will find relief and satisfaction. Your skin will be irritated until you allow the universe to flow.

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