Purpose of mediums and psychics

What is the benefit to the world having mediums and psychics bringing the knowledge of other planes and beings into this physical plane? If we are here to learn why not leave us completely in the dark?

You are not alone. You are never alone. You are not here as a punishment. When one succeeds we all succeed. When when grows we all grow. This is true for you, this is true for your neighbor, this is true for beings who will never experience the physical plane and this is true for beings who will one day experience the physical world. It is important to understand that we do not roll the dice and see what happens to or for you. We are not giving you a test for which you do not have resources to locate the answers. It is not a means of torture or some horribly devised method of existence that you are here. You take a test after a lecture, after a semester of study, after a teacher has helped you along the way, there was a resource, there was a book, there were places to seek additional information, the teacher shared information with you and also showed you methods of learning. No matter the case it is up to you to learn, and you may not even be interested in the material, you will learn something, you will learn nothing, you will create new ways of learning. You do not necessarily have an audience but much of what you will do will be reviewed for learning purposes. You can hear it now on telephone calls for customer service, “your call may be monitored.” This is true, in the moment, and after the moment.

You do not simply put a fish in a bowl and never interact with it again. We do not mean to say that you are fish trapped in a bowl, nor are you pets with which we interact so that we can pass the time. You are not alone, you have resources, you have lessons which appear, reappear, disappear, and the method in which you engage or disengage is purely for your development and growth, but just as you do, so do others. You are not disconnected from the non-physical plane, nor are you disconnected from the other beings on either side of that veil. We are all one in the same, unique and not unique.

Often times we hope the best for you but even certain trees need gentle guidance to become the strong and tall lifeforms that they are. It is necessary for you to understand that you are independent, you have not lost your independence by gaining this knowledge, but you do have those with you who want nothing more than the best and will see you and be with you and aid you when you need it most, all the way to the finish line. Do not be scared that you are somehow one insignificant drop of water in the ocean. No drops of water are insignificant and each being has the wealth of the ocean and the entire universe within them!

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