Today’s Guidance 12/1/2015

Today’s message for you from my spirit guides:

What we have in store for you today is the brilliant beautiful life experience that you have selected prior to arriving here. Your free will has allowed you to experience this beautiful and exotic experience. Realize that you are never alone, realize that action and inaction are the same. There is no difference, each takes you in particular directions.

Today, evaluate your directions. Evaluate what you have passively or actively chosen in recent days. Do not evaluate right or wrong, evaluate if various actions and thoughts are for you. If they are not for you do not be scornful, take information from the experience and make way for new opportunities.

It is not your last day to make a change, every moment is available in this existence for change. Changing now provides new experiences. Break the mold of your daily routine and explore the world around you. Place yourself in situations that may make your ego uncomfortable. Share with others, the world becomes smaller and much more magnificent when you grow your circle!

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