Widen your gaze, the issue could be larger than you realize

 There is a warming, a warming of the atmosphere. At this moment, it is not to take responsibility and assign blame. You must unite, your work should not be to toil and labor under methods and means that provide no long-term progress for yourself. You work tirelessly for others in positions which may provide an outlet for you, but there are many who do not. Many work without reward. Those who enjoy your work, ensure that it is not simply a monetary or physical possession reward. What are you gaining from this operation? What are you enjoying? It is important to understand that no matter the position you give your time for the result of someone else.

It is not an emergency that you must change this now, you must assess. You must explore. The routine within you, the routine within society, these must come to a halt. Run towards the change. You have not heard much like this before. You must embrace change. It is not a matter of trying new shoes, new clothes, or a new route to work. You must engage forms of existence completely opposite from you. This does not add friction or difficulty to your life, this does not add hate and rage. This process adds value, this process adds color to your existence. The routine is for no one. Seek comfort not in what is known to you but in the knowledge, the knowledge that you are capable of that which is unknown to you. It is not enough to want, you must act on those things that you entertain.

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