Mid-East Dilemma & WW-3, How energy dictates our current affairs

Available now from Amazon or as a free PDF – Mid-East Dilemma & WW-3 is a metaphysical question-and-answer session with Alexander Zielinski’s spirit guides.

Alexander Zielinski is a Clairvoyant Medium who channels his spirit guides, beings from another plane, our true home. The information is provided with the desire that it will assist those in the human form to grow and evolve. Mid-East Dilemma & WW-3 is a metaphysical question-and-answer session with Alexander Zielinski’s spirit guides.

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Topics in this volume include:

  • A discussion on the true nature of what many refer to as the Anti-Christ, WW-3, ‘Jesus Christ’s’ return. The destructive nature humans have associated with these three ideas are not nearly as destructive and controlling as old dogma claims
  • Nation’s and Leader’s: Iran, USA, Israel, ISIS, Russia, Palestine, China, and Syria
  • Mid-East’s effect upon Creation, Balancing Energy in this Region, and an alien connection.
  • Religion’s Role in the Mid-East, Children are the Key.
  • Nostradamus Prophecies concerning WW-3, Anti-Christ’s, ‘666’ Mark of the Beast.
  • Global concerns such as Nuclear Weapons, One World Government, Jewish Holocaust, United Nations, Energy
    Being’s Influence, Media Downfall, World Trade Organization and terrorist attacks.

Download or Purchase Mid-East Dilemma & WW-3

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