It sounds simple, live in the NOW

There is no fear in the present. This phrase should be your goal for today. There is no fear in “now.” This means that your worry, for much of it, is drawn from the unknown of future events. Additional fear comes from actions and reaction and expectations from the past. It isn’t to fear, your actions and thoughts in the present. Fear in this case will trap you in a case that isolates your experiences and creates a desolate plane of personal existence.

How do you let go of this fear? Embrace the change and the unknown in the face of fear. The joy with which you view specific events should overflow into all aspects of existence. The unknown should not bring fear, for you are living now, presently. What is to fear at present? Nothing. Being with you, your mind and your true purpose will carry you forward as you embrace and welcome the present. For it is the present alone where you can change all things, even your perspective.

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