The nature of unconditional love

Today’s Question: Unconditional love. Animals show examples of this. Children exude this. Also, parents have this for their children and these are all widely known and accepted through all things. When it comes to dealing with people who are not relatives, what does unconditional love mean? Is it a virtue, or is it detrimental to the soul?

Reply from guides Constantine and Dr. Brolovan: There is no place that love does not exist. Love exists through all things. There are times, areas, places, assignments, and dispositions where love is not in full regard in terms of the volatility of the vibration or its exuberance in relation to the other energies. It is not lacking in your hearts when you are concerned about the less evident examples where love appears to be less than obvious. It is not that it is not present, it is not that your soul is fighting against some other cause within you, nor is it at odds with the being you find in opposition. The cause in these less-than-ideal circumstances is that the souls is at odds with the construct that society and your current reality frame specific circumstances. You are more attuned, more in tune, less swayed by ego or the public- group-ego at a younger age. Less information about appearance and judgements in all their forms has entered your mind and being, these things are not coloring the circumstances which you mention. There is no special circumstance which allows a third party or group ego or group idea to penetrate these or other relationships where it exists. It is not a framework which is evil and controlling, the mind of the person active within this framework is the causation. The mind of the person who is not tending to their own thoughts, the person who allows the thoughts of others to populate their own mind is the cause here.

Though, as we have stated in other instances, this is not to be judged when someone is aware of such events and circumstances. Some may read this information and feel that there is some science fiction pedestal on which they can place themselves in relation to others because now they know some secret knowledge. It is not to be with judgement.

Love will cause no harm. The expectation that the individual has of love is what causes friction. Too often constraints and frames are placed on ideas, on interactions, our beliefs we assume are our own but we also see them as the situation or energy should be. It is important to evaluate our own perceptions to ensure that our perspective is not jaded by some misappropriated outlook or skewed expectation.

You can return to this state where you perceive the children operate from. It requires the ability to separate needs and wants and desires, the ability to separate that which is done out of societal expectation, the ability to see your desires and upward creation and growth as something t irrelevant in many ways to what your culture currently holds predominantly true. However, it is also true that if these things are true to your heart there is no need to forsake them.

There is a mantra from various cultures and your recent history about unplugging. It is not just the electronic device, it is not just the television – unplug from that which is unnecessary to you. You will not be destitute in spirit, you will not go hungry. Your goals of power and financial success leave many in your existence with larger holes than the culmination of many tumultuous lifetimes combined. There is a need for safety, yes, we understand safety and security, but you must understand that safety and security do not come from things. You cannot hold these things in your hands, you will never hold them in your hands.

It is necessary to truly take account, take stock of your desires, take inventory of every thought and examine who placed it there – this is what should be your beginning.

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