As adults, what have we lost?

Question: If our purpose in life is to evolve through experiences why does it seem that children understand and accept the abstract universe more than adults?

Channeled answer: The universe is no more abstract than the ideas that are contained in the minds of all those who have been in existence. First, do not worry, these are not ideas sent to you and described to you in a battering way. You will excuse the terms and phrases that appear coarse in nature due to translation. It is not misinterpretation or misrepresentation that they appear to have a specific tone, please do not associate previous interactions with others with any implied tone here. We all welcome discussion and interaction so that we may all raise the vibration, the purpose, and the intent of all existence.

You worry that you have some how lost a purpose in your work. Not entirely specific to you the reader, but in existence there is a great discomfort, there is unhappiness. There are not many that have placed the blame for this unspoken unhappiness squarely on the current state of civilization, but some have. There are many actions that serve no purpose for your true and highest self. It can be summarized in a way that so many other philosophical and religious texts aim to impart universal and liberating wisdom – “if you can’t take it with you…”

There are many things to experience and simply because they will not travel with you to the next lifetime does not imply futility, though only you can measure that for yourself, it is important to investigate purpose, worthwhile-ness, and the extent of where you should place your energy by the amount or extent to which you will carry the value forward when you are not in a physical existence carry the physical vibration such as the current one.

You will feel freer than others when you do not compare to others.

Children, children are not more special though Alex has read a quote and should insert it here, “Adults are just obsolete children.” -Dr. Seuss.

The current society, and in some way all societies, require input to provide food and shelter. In various ways there have been better and there have been worse methods in which this is carried out. So much stress and emphasis is placed on a successful career that adults are often carrying a heavy weight. They see the happiness they had as children as being only for children, that it is their duty to provide and be in such a way mentally that it is perceived as normal to be nothing but provider. So mired in routine they lose their sense of self and purpose.

This should not indicate to you that there is some deeper purpose in abandoning your family or children, the universe does not indicate or obligate or suggest any action for or against this as there are many with varying purposes and degrees of intent for alternative purposes. However, you lose track of your understanding because society often grants you additional permission as you take new responsibility within it. So often children “want to grow up faster” because they are rewarded. Rewarded and yet simultaneously indoctrinated through societal mechanisms that reward this state of being which ignores that understanding and wonder you are observing in children.

It does not disappear, it is like any other thought process or muscle when ignored, it becomes weaker while those things used more often, discussed more often, used by wider populations of existence, these things are strengthened and made the priority within the individual and within the community.

There is never a time when it is too late to go back or to return to this state. You must liberate yourself from the conditioned mind. This does not mean your mind has failed you, only that it is working in the manner you have directed it, you have filled it and used it in a specific manner and now it will need to be directed in another. It is important to say that studies about neural plasticity in children as compared to adults is an eloquent example of the opposing, or simply un-sameness of, paradigms in these two generalized groups. The routine of man does not serve man when the routine serves some purpose other than man.

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