Why are these things in here?

This is a question about an earlier post that you can find here: As adults, what have we lost?

Question: So, by that, how do we free ourselves from that line of thinking? How do we free ourselves from conforming to how we feel society wants us to be? How do we allow ourselves to do and be how we want vs how we think is expected?

Answer: You are the decision-maker for your life. You are the one living it. You must understand and associate your mind with this belief. You are not living a life for your neighbor, your parents, for your gender. You are not governess by any rule or law other than what you permit in your own mind.

Evaluate the decision and the ideas that you hold. Some may have been held since birth, some maybe came later, some more recently. Ask yourself how you arrived at these conclusions. Did you come to believe them or hold them true because it is what your familiar or peers believed as you were being raised? If this is true it does not make your beliefs untrue so long as you take the time to understand them and follow them for yourself. Do not blindly allow beliefs to be held in your soul when they were put there by another being or group of beings without passing your criticism.

Realize that each moment of your life your society is attempting to imprint upon you a certain belief. It may bay as simple as doing so to get you to purchase a specific process, or more complex in an attempt to pass a societal belief or gather support for it.

Do not worry that you are full of other’s ideas. To some extent this is true of everyone to some degree, but beginning today you should evaluate them.

  • Why do I believe this thing about death?
  • Why do I believe this thing about philosophy?
  • Why do I believe this thing about this group of people?
  • Why do I always go here on vacation?
  • Why did I select this food?
  • Why did I take this route to work?

Once you evaluate after the fact you can begin to evaluate prior to decision making. Actively engage your world. It is not enough to ensure that you believe a higher arching dogma but also that you engage in what would be mundane – how are you going to drive to work? Why are you listening to this particular music? These may sound like simple ideas but ask yourself your reason for them.

More importantly, with any evaluation, see the alternative to your belief as equally true and examine it thoroughly. Examine much deeper than “because I believe it.” Why do you believe it? Why are you doing it? Be your own critic because you are your only filter. You are the only person responsible for this lifetime.

If all seems well then perhaps you are already critically evaluating yourself. Understand that when we say critically we do not intend for this statement to have negative connotation. Having a certain level of doubt on any belief is acceptable rather than taking all things at face value because some type of authority has stated as so. This does not mean that there are not experts or that authority figures are inaccurate, know that just because it is said does not make it true. Just because one million people hold a belief and two people hold an alternative one makes neither party more or less invalid. Consider it invalid if it was impressed upon you without your acceptance. This does not mean that things will not be difficult, it means however that you are fully utilizing your own capabilities as the person in control of this lifetime experience for you. You cannot live to the highest and fullest experience of someone else is piloting your mind in absence.

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