On positive thinking – “It’s all bullshit!”

I’ve heard many people say, “The power of positive thinking is bullshit!”
This is quite true for them. This could be the case for several reasons. First, be aware that the power of word and thought is actual. It is not an opinion or perception. The motivation and energy and emotion behind the word or thought dictates the gravity of the statement, or dictates who much impact the thought or word has on the existence in which it was brought.

Your statements and words all have impact. They change, build and create your environment. Consider your environment, we are not attempting to coerce some patience from thin air, but if you should be aware that action is direct, positive thought, thought in general, while it is issued immediately, will need more energy before a complete physical manifestation.

Consider any natural wonder. If you wanted to reverse the impact of the river that formed the Grand Canyon you must realize the effort and energy that created this outcome. It is not simply passive water that created such a beautiful wonder. There was energy. All things are energy. While no man directed the river to flow in this manner it is the energy of the physical existence of water which created the work, the outcome.

It is not quite a scale which requires balancing on both sides and then an eventual one-sided win in terms of energy. Though, it is similar. Energetically and energetics alone this explanation is true but nothing in existence resides in a vacuum untouched by the energy or intention of any other piece of existence. Using the Grand Canyon, consider that it is not enough to “think positively” to brig about a flat prairie where there is a canyon. It is not simply the earth being filled. The water originates from somewhere, many somewheres, and all these sources are contributing physically and energetically to the existence of the Grand Canyon.

This may seem like a simplistic view but it is quite literal. There is a web that must be traced and I doing so it is not a simple equation of A + B = C. Your outcome may be much more than what you perceive, the change may impact much more than what you perceive. It is not as though these things cannot be done, you are needing to do much more than you realize. Therefore, the amount of energy, the motivation, dedication, and emotion, the weight that charges the word or the thought, it must be great. It must be greater or more frequent.

This analogy does not explain the simple utterance of words and the expectation that many have that mindless repetition will bring about a holy warrior or some manifestation of lottery winnings.

If you do not value the word and thought that your mind brings into existence those words and thoughts will not bring anything into existence. We have discussed this previously in religious context regarding prayer. These things are not necessarily powerful on their own. It is the associated outcome of the individual or the massed outcome held as truth but many who recite or perform the prayer.

So, in this way, we aim to say that blind repetition, where there is no belief, where there is no desire or other energy to give weight to the word or thought, there often will not be much change and your power of positive energy truly is “bullshit” because you are treating it as seriously as “bullshit.”

The unfortunate experience that many have in any time period of existence is the dogmatic instruction of controlling belief systems. They have the misfortune of blaming deities which had no control over an event, meanwhile the human being is removing themselves or others by this dissociation.

Also true, again, is the statement that right action should not be replaced by right thought simply because it is inconvenient to have to go into action. Nothing beats right action. We understand that it may not be feasible, but nothing is cut and dry, there is no black and white. The situation will respond to direct interaction and involvement by a physical means because you are in the physical. Now, with that mindset, coupling both your physical action in the physical existence with any form of weighted “positive thinking” or weighted thought or weighted action will demonstrate for you your ability to create, literally, your own universe within the realm of natural law.

You are beings of creation who can create. Do not stifle your own progress or that of another because you had one bad experience. It does not excuse your behavior or thought of your response is, “I had many bad experiences,” or “lifetimes of bad experiences.” Do not say these things because the last does not shackle your future. You can be content in any form or frame of existence, where you direct it for yourself is entirely your own doing

Love yourself, always love yourself.

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