You are potential unlimited!

People of tomorrow! Prepare yourselves! Tomorrow there will be an awakening. There will be a rejoicing. So many are lost, lacking motivation, seeking a way; we cannot build these for you if you do not claim your intention firmly. You are accepting and tolerating of such notions as mediocrity and self-limiting ideas. To change the world requires thought unlike any spectrum you have entertained. You cannot create a new system from the old system.

You must have a child’s mind. A child is not limited. A child is not fearful of and closed off from the outside world and it’s people. You are so heavy with the expectations and concerns of others and how they may perceive you. You are so much co Ferber with how the world is wrong but there is not much effort into creating a new system.

Identified problems need solutions. Solutions need people. People requires at least one before you can have two. No matter what perspective you’d like to apply this to you’ll need maximum effort and concentration. It is you who are creating. Your thoughts and words create. You are responsible for your world. Make it your world in your words and thoughts and take ownership!

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