The old controls are on their way out

There has been a lot of information about a shift, rough times, changes, and what might be called turmoil in the U.S. (politically and otherwise) and other countries. What do we need to know about all this upheaval?

A message from Dr. Brolovan:

There is a great deal of change. A large portion of this, believe it or not, are old systems and ideas leaving. While it might be comical to consider, the dying breath of an old idea, of an old method that so many cling to, this old idea will go kicking and screaming before it makes the big exit.

The most useful thing, thought, action, or inaction anyone can have during this time is to support your own ideas and conclusions. Become involved in that which speaks to you. Those small ideas, that little voice that you’ve kept hidden out of fear of ridicule – now is the time to lift your own veil and share it. Change is always present but the positive workings that are shifting to the majority will be more wholly accepted when there is a greater number of souls involved in the elimination of the old and the carrying in of new methods.

This does not necessarily indicate that you should or should not take a specific action, only that your truth should be told, it should be shared, not isolated and alone because you worry that you are the only one. You are the only you, but there are others who have identified the same interests, the same conflicts, not every aspect is identical but camaraderie of experience and energy is paramount for so many at this time. There are many who feel cut off who may not speak until there are greater numbers, until the old dogma has been laid to rest, but let not your fear and worry extinguish your brightest light!

Go forward and walk in the ways that you have only carried in your mind’s eye. Show them to the world!

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