What is your obligation?

Obligation is nothing more than specially laid guilt that you have allowed yourself to acquire and implement to your own being. If it were truly heartfelt, that action you have to take, it would not be obligation, it would be born out of love, kindness, and caring. Though, rather than make general sweeping statements to a complex topic it is better said that you must evaluate the reason for what seems like a chore or what seems like something you MUST do or face the consequences.

Your highest obligation is to you. You are responsible to and for you and that practice should be no obligation. You are caring for yourself and that should come before all else. This does not mean forsake all others and place yourself on a pedestal, this means evaluate your process and your life and your means and methods and your goals. What is your purpose and are you exercising your fullest potential.

Do not live as though you are someday going to be great! You are great now! Someday is today! Someday is all the days you have loved to this point.

You are not obligated, even to yourself. This is an interesting change to this message is it not? First you have no obligation, then an obligation to yourself, then no obligation. You have free will and have the power to create! Do so with passion and caring for the universe, yourself, and for others! Thought, you do not have to, you are not obligated! 😎 The true achievement is discovering your self worth.

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