Abundance is often measured by comparison. Comparison to others and comparison to what we have or did not have previously are not the best indicators of our present status. We we have now, what we had prior, these are not indicators of what we will have in the future.

We have often shared into the world the first step is to take account of your own feelings, your own emotion, your own drive, and your own motivation. Doing these things will assist you in later measuring your abundance. You must first understand what it is that you want, without the forced ideas and frameworks that human society expects in various methods of conformity.

You are not alone, many are taught that compare and contrast are the only forms that bring validation to your perceived progress. What is important, once you perceive your true self and your true intent without any imposed beliefs or ideas from others, you then do the same for that which is or is not perceived abundance. It is not compare or contrast which makes any soul happy. You will always be without something, not lacking, but by comparison you will observe that which others have and you do not.

Often little effort or attention is given to see that this other being has an object or a situation which we must covet, they also have many other situations or ideas which do not resonate with the outside viewer.

Each person must realize that there is no comparison. They are on a life path that is unique to the individual. Unique due to preconceived ideas before your arrival in this body, and preconceived in terms of what has been unfolding in your life due to cause and effect. You are in control, your lack or abundance is controlled by you, though it is clearly only perception that needs to shift.

It is not about “things and items.” Explore the root that this item or situation holds for you. This item or event that appears in he life of another, what emotion does it hold for you? What does it make you feel when you visualize yourself in that position? Realize in this moment now that the object you are after is intangible. You are after the emotion, you are after an idea or feeling or experience. Your ego will require many of these and will be on to the next desire as soon as this one has been filled. Looking deeper into the emptiness that our impression of ‘no abundance’ will help us to discover those actions which have caused this feeling of ‘missing out.’

You have abundance. Often, the item missing is patience. Often, the item missing is understanding. There is no pace in life with which we must keep up, evaluating our objects will not leave us fulfilled.

It is not a cheap theory to say your cup is full spiritually, though again, it is either a shift in perception or the acknowledgement that it is not an object which will make you feel whole. This does not invite the idea that you must live as a pauper, only that your success in possessions does not indicate fulfillment in body, mind, and spirit.

-Dr. Brolovan

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