Should I quit? Should I work harder?

When to change and when to persevere.

This is a question that plagues many. This question is typically born from confusion and often has roots in a spiritual, religious, or personal belief system that finds the practitioner within a state of confusion due to the potential influence or force exerted upon a situation by other beings, spirit beings, angels, or any other figure from any system you wish to place here. This too can be caused by guilt and perceived obligation. However, the primary focus is often, “is this a lesson” or “is this on purpose?” Often times adversity can be interpreted as a moment to turn and change the course of their journey, or it is merely on obstacle that is seen as something to overcome in order to achieve the end result or some other outcome along the way.

How do you know when either of these is true for a particular situation? It is with a vast knowledge of the universe that I say this to you now – both decisions are within your realm of “correct” for you. A simpler, possibly less philosophical answer – if your options are to quit or to work harder and you are torn between these two options, then neither of these is the option, the only option(s), or the best option at the moment, or within the situation.

It is within you to see this. It is within every being to see that every moment is full of decisions but indecision, not confusion but the act of not making a decision and taking the first step towards either solution, this too is acceptable. It is not passive, it is not failure to decide. There are always opportunities for further consideration, or to make a decision when new information is obtained, or, really, when any information may or may not be found and you, your soul, is simply waiting. Perhaps no decision is required at this time.

It is possible that a more thorough examination of the conflict or opportunity be explored. This is not to imply that any being is superficial in thought, only that you should delve deeper into the motivation behind actions, not because there is a conspiracy hidden from you, but because learning this motivation, yours and theirs (or any involved party) will increase your understanding.

There is always another way. There is always time for reflection. When you believe there are no good choices, it is possible to create your own. This is true, it is so of any situation, event, person, place, attitude, etc.

-Dr. Brolovan

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