Is it greed?

Greed can be many things to many people but it is the examination of the root cause that it is important. Before we begin to examine, first consider your own perception and understanding that you may be placing on another person or situation. Your perception and your truth is not necessarily the truth for another. It is of vital importance that your understanding, unless provided by that person or situation, if they have the understanding and can do so, is not concrete evidence as truth. Accurate truth in this case has some kernels of universal applicability but individual truth is more common as the expression.

The truth of greed can be born from fear. Fear because of worry over absence of resources, absence of love. Often a person will perceive that they need more of something, tangible or intangible to create purpose or validity of existence. Often it is created within a person as a means to escape some idea of “not having.” And yet another cause is the idea of power or control over people, objects, or decisions. In this case the perception and goal of power, at its root, is also based on fear, or the lack of security, which is still love and fear based, or better stated as the absence of those things.

Upon first reading these things it may strike you as needing to avoid power and needing to avoid desire, or even needing to avoid leadership. Leadership or needing objects for a specific purpose, or in a generally stated way – ensuring that your cup is full – these are many “normal” processes and ideas. These are not foreign these are not initially harmful.

The concern begins with intention. Is it your intention to gain power and position for control because it gives value to your real estate portfolio which gives you great buying power for objects and possessions? In this process are you forcing someone to live in poverty or are you living a life of vanity and misplaced value and luxury at the end of the process?

It is the evaluation of these things by the individual at the center that creates the mentality of wrong or right. Just as the crowd acting upon this “powerful” person is wrong or right by evaluation of their own intent and action.

In many power situations there is fear. Though any controlling Larry loses power as those within the power structure no longer allow the structure or person to hold power and control over them. This manifests in many different forms as there are many truths engaged on larger scales, but this is no different for individuals.

The likelihood of escaping rational thought is very minute. It is important to observe and evaluate as a teaching and learning method. However, no loss will be suffered that is not first enabled, in the physical or spiritual plane, by both parties. You can revoke this through effort, energy, and action at any point.

-Dr. Brolovan

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