Archangel Oracle for 12/20/2017

A message for today using the Archangel Oracle deck and communication with my guides.

This card is about you. It’s about your relationships, it’s about your energy. Not only finding the “right one” but having the right and truest presence in your life.

The purpose of this card is to remind you of your connection. No matter your spiritual path or connection you have an entire team of spirit guides, angels, protectors, and your connection to the Universe/God/Divine. They are here with you, they are working with you. You are never isolated and alone.

You may think and focus on a love outside yourself, but never neglect the love for yourself. First priority is to yourself. The love you have for yourself is the most important love you will experience. Love yourself today, allows this to penetrate all that you are, all that you do, all that you say, and you will shine a loving light into all of creation.

You are loved, now, today, forever, and always.

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