It’s time to DO

Today, take the dare, take the chance, take the step! Not in danger or irresponsible ways, though this is a very subjective definition. Before we are lost in words let us focus.

So many have daydreams, night dreams, hopes, plans for “some day,” plans for “if only I was/had…,” and so many other plans that speak to and from your soul. Act on these. Act on these now. You may not have 100% of the resources to complete 100% of your plan, if start now! Take that leap, take the step! Engage your plan!

Often the frustration within human existence is the routine, the mundane, the trap of things we “must” donor are compelled to do. What you may not realize is these things are not necessarily the soul purpose of your existence, though they may lead to it, they may support it, it is not your purpose, they are not your sole reason for existence. Your purpose is often spoken by that voice you ignore. The daydream voice. The wishful thinking voice. The “if only…” voice. This voice is YOU! You are this voice! This message is you!

How do you find your purpose? How do you find happiness? Take that step today to bring those plans into being. You want to travel, you want to open a store, you want to see new things, you want to have new experiences, you want an adventure, you want to learn something new. Whatever that voice is telling, and whatever it is that you keep putting off until “someday,” that day is today.

You will reap incredible rewards when you are honoring this voice. This little nudge from the universe is not just about your one hope or dream, it is about the flow of life, the flow of energy, happiness, and abundance!

Activate your plan now and allow your life to flow!

-Dr. Brolovan

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