Archangel Oracle for 12/21/2017

Today, with the remainder of your day, be clear with your intent. Be clear in purpose. Be concise with your words. Too often we choose words that appear to be gentle for the sake of masking the depth of the emotion or the gravity of the statement. This does not mean express angrier and hatred because that’s what you feel the world has given you, only that you should say what you mean. Too often the kind words hide the meaning. We are concerned with how others may perceive us and we miss the true purpose. They in turn miss the purpose. We allow more confusion and and deeper misunderstandings allow for greater contrast of emotion between two people.

Be clear with the focus. Think beyond today and determine your purpose. Determine your reason for living. Determine the fire within you. No matter the reason for your motivation it should be set. Focus on this and be clear. Do not become overly concerned when something calls out to you that is not part of this determined purpose, you can change your direction, but always state it clearly to yourself and work upon it diligently.

Mountains are not moved in one day, nor should your focus be on mountains, but be consistent, be persistent. Be focused in your thought, action, and energy.

Enjoy a remarkable moment!


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