Archangel Oracle for 12/22/2017

Now is the moment to balance and bring harmony to your life. It is not important what “they” are doing. It is of the highest importance what YOU do.

Right now, in every sense of the phrase, are you where you want to be?

No matter your perception, you are here now because of you, but was it your intended destination?

Spiritually or physically, what do you have now? What do you want? Think back several years ago, 5 or 10. Is this what you had envisioned for your future? Many may say that they had no particular goal in mind. Often we are caught up on having a goal and having a plan and making progress and tracking noticeable changes. If you are not on track right now, why?

In all senses of personal assessment the goal today is not make you feel bitter or angry about the things that might be undone or to discuss all the goals that you set and missed along your path. The goal is to always be aware of the path you walk in life. Do not walk it blindly. You might share the path and walk with others from time to time but your path is not their path, and their path is not your path.

At this moment, in a loving and caring mindset, take stock of all that you are – your present presence. You can modify anything in this life at any point, you can maintain anything in this life at any given point. You are the Master, you have the freedom to choose. Remove, heal, add, change, include, dismiss any ingredient that does not give your life the precise flavor your looking for.

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