Cycles of Life – Everything Changes

In today’s environment, particularly the United States, you will see intense contrasts in the environment. You may enjoy these, perhaps you enjoy the tremendous amount of snow, the unusually warm temperatures, unusually cold temperatures, and you might have first-hand experience with raging wildfires. While many people are focusing on the immediate impact of these events, step back and look at the entire world.

The world for you, the things, the plants, the animals, the cycles of life, and even other humans are mirrors. They reflect yourself and your immediate group of friends and family and even the larger groups of humans. Observe how there are cycles, observe the impermanence of being. You are a being, you are in existence, but you are always moving from one state to the next.

A great deal of depression, unhappiness, restlessness that is experienced in your lifetime is a method of your higher self, or what many call the “tiny little voice inside your head,” communicating with you and nudging you. To be clear, we are not talking about the ego. We are talking about the aspect of yourself that wants you to live your life’s purpose. You experience this conditions when you are living out of sync with your higher self.

Considering the contrasting weather and natural changes occurring, compare these to the lifetime of a spirit in a human existence – you attempt to control your life and remove all cycles from your existence. Many feel “my life has always been this way” or a specific situation or condition has always been present, they are now upset because the always is proving to be something that is not permanent.

Be cautious, take comfort, but also dare to live! Remove expectations that others have placed upon you and live! Your life will change, and this is not a punishment, this is your life, this is for you! This is for your benefit! Enjoy your experience!

A message for you, for today,

-Dr. Brolovan

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