Archangel Oracle for 12/26/2017

Courage and standing for the rights of others is important. Great and grand causes have been honored on your plane and there have been just causes regarding the “courage to do what is right.” These are no less important scenarios on your plane, but focus now locally. Not your immediate surroundings but your immediate mind, body, and spirit.

It takes courage to honor ourselves and honor our thoughts, words, and actions. You must have courage, it is not through a magical alignment that you will become safe and any of your thoughts and actions will be honored and valued.

You will have beings around you who are both for and against, or indifferent, to your will. This is true because of contrast. The absolute focus is on your inner core, the thoughts and emotions which you hold within, those thoughts and emotions that influence and control every fiber of your being and those that may not be courageously honored by you, nor anyone else. It takes your own courage and bravery to honor your thoughts, to hold them up, evaluate them and then move forward and bring them into fruition, or to acknowledge them, honor them and let them pass.

In this case we do not intend for you to build a shrine and place your feelings there, no – though the act of intention can be conveyed through many forms.

It is with love and kindness we say this to you now. It is important that we look within for the reasons and causes and to the inner voice and higher purpose. You do not have randomly generated information bombarding you, this information is from your higher self, that which currently resonates with you, or that to which you are vibrationally moving towards. It is not the world around us that controls and manipulates you, it is you who is in power and complete charge of manifesting your life’s plan, your happiness.

Do not rely on the strength of others to manifest your dreams. We do not intend to imply that they are unreliable. There is strength in unity and in groups, however it is your responsibility to rely on your strength and courage, your steadfastness, to manifest your dreams. You are all of the Universe, you are a beautiful creation that creates!

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