Financial Focus

It is quite difficult to say “let go of your problems” and “release old patterns” and “go with the flow” when you are in the middle of a personal financial crisis. This, on your plane, is when belief in the flow of life has been lost. “How can this happen? I have been thinking positive thoughts! I am sending out a positive vibration! I like all these things that I have! They’re NECESSARY!” It is difficult to utter the phrase “money isn’t everything” when you feel as though the only thing you really need right now is more money.

Here lies the problem – to what extent are they necessary? Are you working for a specific life goal but now the goal has enslaved you? We have been communicating to you in recent messages about relevance. The relevance of the idea the world holds or that your peers hold and how these are not necessarily true for you. The same is true with financial decisions and investments. If you are feeling the urge to “keep up with the Joneses” and this is not your true passion or calling, how much pleasure and joy will you receive from another car payment, buying a house, or putting more debt onto your credit cards.

Here is the better focus for debt – establishing this critical evaluation before you are in the middle of a money emergency. Work to understand the reason for the purchase and the value it appears to add to your life. Is this a perceived obligation, is it something just to exercise your buying power, or will it truly uplift and increase your long-term happiness? Evaluating these things, for you, not “them,” will prevent this occurrence in many cases.

To focus on the actual event, you’re in the problem, you have no money and you have numerous responsibilities or debt, what do you do now? There are many options, and many things to consider. Many times in a life this is a long-term recurring cycle calling your attention to balance. Instead of extremes of financial abundance followed by extremes of financial drought, it is important to balance and maintain the physical balance or at least the understanding of the ebb and flow of the cycle as it relates to you and your independence and security.

Often, more debt is created in order to solve your debt problem. More work and effort is secured to procure more objects, more energy is expended to provide us the satisfaction of maintaining our perceived security by keeping these objects in our possession. Consider for a moment the complete relaxing and calm you gain from completely releasing yourself from this cycle or from the object. Consider the emotional and psychological relief from allowing the object to be returned to the finance company or collector. This does not authorize irresponsible spending and neglect on your part in this lifetime, we only mean to say that if the object is not serving you, the object is not satisfying, and the process of securing this object is a regular struggle, it is perhaps an indication that it is necessary to release yourself, through appropriate legal means, from these objects or debt.

There is a great deal of unhappiness because “we can’t do that! It’s ours! What will we do?!?!” There is fear in the unknown, there is the concern of that your peers will think. Remember, you are not responsible for your peers and you are not responsible to their ideas of what is right, and best, and true for you.

In all of this discussion, center yourself on the idea of your finances and what they provide. You are concerned about security and safety from the future. There is an attempt the control the unknown and unpredictability of tomorrow. To state here exactly what you should do is not our purpose but know now that no amount of money will create a safe space or a secure future for you. These things are attainable and possible for those living with dirt floors in huts or if you are a millionaire. It is important to understand that you ARE safe, you are secure, and physical objects and increased wealth do not afford those things.

What should you do in a financial crisis? Evaluate and make a plan, prioritize, and release that which is not fulfilling. You can do this without a “safety net.” The Universe protects you and will provide a method. You may say, ” that doesn’t apply to me,” and if you believe this, then you are correct, but take away some valuable asset in your mind. Take away shelter, take away transportation, take away everything – you will find in your peer group, in your town or city, nearby, even completely unknown to you, there are those who will assist you, provide help, provide security, and even light the way for you in your troubled time. However, rather than release the old pattern or object, and grow, we prefer to hold our objects, to remain shackled to the routine because it is familiar and comfortable.

You have limitless options in every moment of everyday, you are only restricted by your own decisions. It is not always so cut and dry, it is not necessary to keep your head underwater – keep an eye on what you might be missing and keep evaluating – be mindful of your own voice and your own purpose. What are your goals?

-Dr. Brolovan

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