I want change, but how?

What is the first step to changing your life?

Often many people will seek a specific action or reaction to take after a calamity or after something triggers a self-evaluation. You might say then that you want to be more spiritual, to be more kind, to live in tune with your body and natural rhythms, to live in sync with your higher purpose, or any number of things. Sitting on your couch or in a chair or in your car or on a train right now does not prevent you from taking action right now. You do not need 52 steps within a program and months and years of planning to initiate step one.

Step one of any plan is evaluation of what you are doing right now. Specifically right now, and also all the other “right nows” that follow. In every now, be present. You’ve heard this before and possibly considered it a New Age slight of hand for some unattainable skill. This is not true. What you should do to be present is evaluate what you are doing now. Why are you reading this? Why are you sitting/standing? Why are you riding this train or in this car?
Begin asking why. Asking why you are doing these things in this moment and all the future moments. The next step is to change and adjust, keep or cleave anything that does not suit your goals, your pursuits, or your life’s meaning. Worry not on that for now, only focus on the now. Start with a few instances per day – ask why, ask why you are driving or walking this particular route, ask why the destination is necessary. Ask questions. Without questions there is no indication of growth or change, there is autopilot and lack of engagement.

Ask why.

This, and many others on this site, is a channeled message from one of my Spirit Guides, Dr. Brolovan. 

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