Archangel Oracle for 1/1/2018

Do not criticize and punish yourself in such ways. It is important to understand that each thought you have about what you call failures and shortcomings is perhaps the most harmful internal dialogue that you will encounter. The most shocking part of this dialogue is that it is coming from within you! Now, often the ideas that bring them forward are caused by early traumas or other people you hold in high regard. It matters little the source, it matters that you continue repeating these things to yourself.

As we grow older we often change this voice. It can become relaxed, slowly the ego may exert less control as the spirit focuses less on the physical and material possessions. So, you may consider that eventually, over time, you will change this pattern. Generally speaking, even in small steps, this is true.

Today is the first day of a new year for you! Why wait for the new days to come when they are here! They are now! They are right in this moment! Lift yourself! Elevate yourself! Raise your internal dialogue to support the purpose of your existence! You are your best motivator and you are your primary love! Share these things with yourself! Lose judgement, lose fear, lose comparison! Rise and raise!

Loving yourself, this is your purpose. Know that you are on a journey and the destination is focused on you, the care for yourself, the love for yourself, and the little motivating voice. YOU are exceptional! Love thy self and it will shine through all your works!

Archangels provide the card, the message is provided by my Spirit Guides. 

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