Unified by a common threat?

There is something about the weather that creates a unique bond within a group of people, while creating a larger competition of “it’s worse here than it is there” mentality. This cause and effect; this comparison and contrast are present in every aspect of civilization, your observance does not dictate that you identify as one side or the other but your state of mind finds a bath that is the middle or that finds the entire argument irrelevant. Finding irrelevance is not a moment to place yourself on a higher pedestal, it is simply not for you. It is not a moment to create the “us vs. them” confrontation.

Perspective is so often seen as truth that we forget that we are each unique, that perspective is fact, not necessarily what you see from any single perspective. This is kindness in effect, when you realize and understand and know of each perspective and work within the framework rather than divisive and accusatory, you are growing.

You cannot force them to come along, and illustrating differences does not work towards a cohesive end.

-Dr. Brolovan

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