Expect change, flow with change

There is an upheaval in ideology taking place. Unfortunately there are many who see this as a threat or an attack to their beliefs rather than a simple shift in energy. Supporting change must be done with an open mind. There is no reason to fear the slightest or the grandest of changes in your life or in your world. Changes will come with or without your permission but the arrive for your benefit.

A better assessment is not find all the differences but looking for the good that arrives with the new. Reflect on your previous thoughts and trust that change is inevitable, no matter how time-honored and test a belief or a system of beliefs may be.

It is not necessary to assign fault, when something changes or differs it is not about fault. Fault is unnecessary. There is cause and effect and the natural changes of various energy sources being spread into your existence. More importantly it is being discovered in your existence that other realms, other worlds, other dimensions all exist and they have an impact on your location. This is a grand change and an exceptional path being explored. While there are many directly involved in this exploration and realization, it is not necessary for change to be accepted only when it is grand. Changes in your personal relationships, your personal space, changes in your beliefs and your ideas and reasons for certain actions should be observed with the same openness and support. It’s time to drop the fear that others may reject you because you changed.


This message was channeled by Alex Zielinski from a group of Light Beings called Elophyny. 

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