Archangel Oracle for 1/5/2018

Drawing one card from the Archangel Oracle deck for today’s message with additional information from Spirit:

The struggle to “stand up” for one’s beliefs is often more an internal battle than one focused on the exterior. We often see it as exterior because of “what will all those people say?” and while they may say anything you must understand that it is your fear that is focusing on this. Those people are mirrors for your own thinking. If you are thinking that you would like to change their thinking, your focus should be on your thinking.

Having confidence and courage in yourself, in your own message, in your words and actions – believing in these things is important. It is the highest level of importance. When you place more energy on the reaction of those around you it diminishes the true nature of your purpose. Have focus, have conviction – know that you are correct. The rest will fall into place.

-Dr. Brolovan

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