Reach without judgement

There are no limits to your lifelines. We have spoken on removing the idea, expectation, and opinion of others from your decision-making process. However, when you are in need, when someone else is in need, the tools to overcome are within you, they are near you, it may take the words and actions of another to awaken you. No matter which path you use to correct your path you are always able to rely on others and you should always extend your mercy to others.

There are no fouls, no taxed offerings, no strikes or demerits against you if you need help. Be aware that many forms of help exist but there are no weaknesses. There are no weaker personality traits in comparison to others who do not, or who refuse, to ask for help. You are not missing something within you because you ask.

All of humanity is in existence together. Your existence and your experiences are tied and connected to one another. When one succeeds, all succeed.

It is not failure, it is the the assessment of your own needs when you need assistance. It is the expectation that the assistance take a particular form that often makes it futile or unused, but there is always help, guidance, and love available in your physical and in other existences.

A channeled message from Spirit Guide Dr. Brolovan. 

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