The happiness plan

What to do when you are unhappy

The focal point is you. YOU need to adjust for your happiness. In terms of adjusting the outside world, the way in which you can adjust it is your perception, understanding, and location within it. The first step is assessing happiness. What is your personal happiness?

It is unfortunate that so many place happiness on objects or titles. This can be true for you. It is only unfortunate when there is not yet mastery of the mind or an understanding of your role within this lifetime. You must understand that happiness, as well as other emotions, are energy. This energy stems from, typically, deeper places than what society allows. You are not unhappy in your work because it is a “stifling” environment. Your unhappiness is caused by constrained and imbalanced energy. It will take assessment of the counter energy to understand why this job, or any other job, may not be fulfilling.

Focusing on career and the workplace, if you are attempting to balance there may be many forms of thinking which you could assess or change, allowing yourself the understanding of multiple perceptions. If your aim is far more dramatic and you are leaving the workplace, or the life situation, remember that it is a grander change that will balance the countering energy. If you are stifled because of the work, or you are not balanced with it, changing employers while remaining in the same career field may do very little to alter your perception.

We do not intend for you to become destitute, nor will you be, but often a greater change is required than what a being typically entertains. This opportunities are not considered because of the level of comfort and attachment to the truths we currently hold as truths. When you break away from evidence, energy, and patterns that are circumstantial you can begin to truly experience change rather than superficial change in title or location.

There is some form of peace everywhere, though consistent harmony may be difficult, it is attainable by all beings.

-Dr. Brolovan

This is a channeled message from one of my Spirit Guides. This message was communicated to me via mental mediumship. 


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