Archangel Oracle for 1/16/2018

A message for today from Archangel Azrael and Dr. Brolovan: Suffering or conflict are not lonely activities, nor are the emotions that accompany them. You have support in Spirit and in the physical world to guide you through these periods. No matter the difficulty that is faced, it is a method of guidance, a sign post as you move through the world. Many times we see these emotions as though they get in the way, that they are a roadblock to our success. A better analogy is that the emotions are your indicators, they are your indicators on the dashboard of your vehicle. Emotions give you feedback and instant knowledge to the “vehicle” – the human experience – you are operating. Considering and evaluating your emotions can give you better guidance when you see them as helpful tools, helpful gauges to the present status of your existence.

Use this information, they provide constant feedback.

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