Peace in beauty, peace in anger

Isn’t “it” beautiful?! – A channeled message from Dr. Brolovan:

The beauty is all around us. It is everywhere. It is true, it is “in the eye of the beholder.” Beauty is a matter of perspective but that does not lessen the beauty when someone perceives it. Beauty is not less because the emotion is not shared by others. Do not let the emotions of others steal your feeling when you observe beauty in creation!

Beauty can be found in small acts, small creations, small creates, or even in large natural phenomena, or simply in the way the food is stored on shelves in the pantry.

Anger may be seen as the contrast, as one of the opposites to beauty, as an opposite to the emotions you feel when we see beauty. Do not allow anger to limit your personal thoughts. Notice, we did not say “Do not have anger.” The goal is not necessarily to eliminate anger in order to observe only beauty. Without one you may not understand the other.

As we have said before, emotions are feedback, they do not need to be allowed to block your path, block your development, or change your course unless you wish it. Emotions are feedback, they are no different than the physical sensations you experience when touching hot or cold dishes.

Do not hate the anger because it it not beauty. If you are concerned about the presence of anger you must consider the source. Only focusing on the emotion, and not the source of the emotion will not aid your understanding, it will not bring your observations more beauty.

Peace and tranquility does not equal mastery. There are many more facets to existence.

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