Special: 3-Card Archangel message for 1/21/2018

While single cards and messages I reserve for weekdays, here is a special 3-card message from the Archangels using the Archangel Oracle deck. Additional information provided by my Spirit Guide, Dr. Brolovan:

Indigo and Crystal Children

Think of this not only in terms of little children, but also those who follow after you in birth sequence on this plane. Those who have less life experience here are seeking guidance, though much of it can be sought and analyzed, there is a great deal needing the human interpretation that you provide.


Perhaps you may not realize that on many levels you are standing beside your garden, beside your fields, and the seeds you have planted and tended are already blooming! In this moment you are being asked to continue to tend, be mindful, and continue the work that has brought you this far. The journey is not yet over.

Career Transition

In thought and in Spirit you are so much more than the title bestowed upon you by those who employ you. There is always change, change is ever present in the world and in the lives of humans. You are being guided to further unlock a new direction that better supports your beliefs, that better supports you as an individual.

You cannot fix everyone you encounter because they do not always see the need for change, you too must realize this consistently within your own work.

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