Empowering through expansion

Empowerment is simply making decisions. Making decisions for yourself is important but you must expand your own knowledge base before making the decision. It is not empowerment to immediately use only the tools you know. Grow beyond those tools and always seek that which is unfamiliar, it is a higher form of guidance.

The empowering aspect is not just decisions made for your own life and your own energy, it is the realization that we are seekers and should gravitate towards any acquisition process that creates additional thinking and concern for us.

In the “real world” you might ask, “how do I know what I do not know?” You can examine your own knowledge and understanding. You can see the edge of your comfort and boundaries. Approach those things at attempt to understand those that lie just beyond where your mind currently accepts.

Adding this new realm of consideration may be the nature to which you gravitate. After consideration it may repulse you. It is only the awareness, inspection, and attempt at understanding that it allows a deeper level of processing, and therefore empowerment.

These things are complex to understand. It is simply a matter of “expanding your horizons” in all matters great and small. No matter if it is a decision to contact a plumber, to turn left instead of right, or to educate yourself on health matters, the power is yours to control the flow of your time, effort, and energy.

This message was brought forth though mediumship. Channeling Dr. Brolovan, this is his message for you today. 

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