Buying cars and buying freedom

Old cars and new cars are all the same. They are methods of transportation. The key to perception of transportation within the mind is that transportation, the ability to move about freely, literally represents freedom. The ownership and possession of transportation is providing freedom to you. It is evident, of course, that freedom and travel are not exclusive. You are free, physically and mentally, or internally and externally, with or without the possession of a personal transportation method.

You may say that you have greater opportunities with personal transportation. More precisely put, you will have different opportunities. When considering a large purchase be certain that the perception of freedom is not only perception. Ensure that this freedom you are seeking is not then hampered, blocked, or obstructed by such heavy financial obligations that you in no more or less free than you were prior to your purchase.

Where do you want to go? What are your priorities? Answer these questions before monumental sums of money are exchanged and long-term commitments are made.

A message, channeled by a medium. 

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