Archangel message for your weekend

Here is a message of love and light from from Archangel Raguel to carry through the weekend:

Look within. The issue, or fight, or the friction and the anger – these are within. You often perceive them as coming from outside our minds. We see them as coming to us from the outside because of our friends or situations, or the person we encountered and the events we see.

Simply because these events occur outside of us does not require an emotion within us. Simultaneously, it is perfectly normal to have a reaction. However, in both cases it is important to evaluate. Do not criticize when you are quick to judge. Reflect, of even for a moment, to find understanding within the situation, that other person, or find it within yourself.

This is a process for beginning the healing of so many situations and events upon your plane, but it is not reserved for grand emotions. Do not see yourself and your life as insignificant upon the world. This method of reflection is as important to you as it is the concern of murders, war, hunger, and so many other conflicts in the world.

Alex is a psychic medium, channeling message from Spirit Guides and Archangels. Questions? Let’s connect! You can view other channeled messages in the Spirit Message Archive 

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