Archangel Oracle card for 1/30/2018

Today’s message of love and guidance from Archangel Azrael: You are a trusted advisor. This may sound like a title with great power. This is not power. This is about your support to fellow humans. This is kindness, this is support and love for humanity. The smallest and the largest acts that you perform are felt by those around you. Your actions and words have a deep and everlasting impact on those you encounter.

Your words and intentions do not go unnoticed. Your words and intentions do not fall on deaf ears. These words and intentions spread out into existence in all directions. Often we see this as insignificant snowfall that barely dusts the ground, bear in mind you must dust and cover the ground before the snow is several feet deep.

The progress is not always measurable, not because it is small or insignificant, but it is not always measurable because we are not observing it. Allow your horizons to expand. Allow your possibilities to grow, you can see the changes and the impact of your work, it may only be in this moment that you do not see the fruit of your labor.

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