Counsel and kindness

Kindness and caring do not always need large acts to illustrate their good. Good comes too in small acts. Good comes from non-physical acts. Too often the human race ignores the kind word, the ability to listen, and the ability to be the support for their peer. Too often when these things are done it is done in an attempt to control the peer. What we mean here, when your friend asks you for advice, it is not your purpose to force a specific outcome. It is their life. Your focus should be to share and discuss your own thoughts or experiences but doing so without judgement of the present, without judgement of the past, this is the best support for your peer, and this is the better and more realistic assessment of your own experience. Remember, simply because it is your experience does not make that experience a universal law.

You can support in so many ways. Ensure now that you are not ignoring your own counsel, your own support. Remove your own harsh criticism and negativity and judgement. You have experiences, not failures. Many people, including you, benefit from your words. The words and their energy expand out from you in all directions and impact more than the immediate vicinity.

Raise up your voice, let it carry the love and light of the Universe – both as it exits you and as it works within your own mind.

Today’s message has been channeled channeled by Alex, a medium, from Dr. Brolovan. You can read additional messages channeled from Spirit in the Spirit Message Archive

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