It can all be overcome

The opposite of fear is not hope. Be clear in your intentions. You may have fear about crossing the bridge, it is not the hope that will help you cross it. It is not “hoping” to be successful that will help you be successful. Approach that crossing with love, develop your plan of action, and then act!

There are so many “buts…” that enter your mind – do not be foolish. If it were truly an obstacle your life would not have brought you to the crossing. Anything you see, you can achieve. Anything in your path, you can walk around.

Be gracious, love your feelings, love your actions, love your mental state, be kind to yourself. We say these things to you about YOU. We are often more kind to others than we are own minds and bodies. You are the caretaker of this human experience, do not hate and condemn what is yours! You are a Divine creature!

This message today comes from Dr. Brolovan, channeled by Alex. You can read more message from Spirit in the Spirit Message Archive or in he available books.

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