Go within for success

Going blindly into the unknown can be an exhilarating experience! It is exhilarating after we overcome the fear and worry about the unknown. The greater message to be delivered today is that everything is already known to you. You know what will come next. Let go of specific expectations, understand that no matter what specific fear you have it is, at this moment, unnecessary.

You know that you are and you will be safe. You know that you are a Spirit having a human experience. You know that you are a powerful being who loves and nurtures all things in existence, most important of those – yourself.

We talk of eliminating walls between yourself and the outside world. For a time, it may be necessary to create a wall during your meditation. Visualize this wall, allow it to isolate you for a time and allow it to create a space where you can think and focus without the distractions or worries from others and from the outside.

The thoughts and inspiration you have here are yours. These are your motivations, your passions, and your desires. Take down the wall and pursue them bravely!

Alex is a Spirit Medium and channels his Spirit Guides and others to bring loving messages of guidance and inspiration. You can read more of these messages in the Spirit Message Archive or learn more about the books containing his work. Learn more about Alex and how to book a reading.

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