Everything you require is within

You need self-reliance. You need not always be a lone wolf, but understand that you can rely upon yourself for all of the things you believe you need. The majority of opportunities within a human existence can occur with or without the intervention or interaction of other humans.

It is simply a matter of understanding that all the power that you will ever need is completely and entirely within you right now. There is not a key to unlock it, there is not a hasp to unleash it, acceptance and embracing is all that is required.

Any frustration or obstacle you encounter you can overcome. We say overcome but this is the reality that you are never faced with obstacles that block a path or turn you away when you are persistent and consistent. There are other object and ideas that will be introduced to you and they may lead you in other directions, however, your power is within. Your ability is constant, no switch is required. No matter the situation for which a solution is sought, it is within you.

This is a channeled message from Dr. Brolovan as communicated to Alex, a Spirit Medium. To see more messages from Spirit view the Spirit Message Archive or the many book titles available on Amazon. 

If you’ve been following the books and posts this image may be familiar to you. The very first website with the very first books we ever made available used this image. We either reached a lot of people or broke the internet with it.  Here’s the number of visitors:

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