Think outside your circle

Exceptional people are not made by exceptional thinking. They are exceptional because of flexibility, because of the manner in which they fluidly examine and accept new ideas and alternatives.

Too many are solving problems with the same routine and habits. Many of these do not absolutely cure. Many of these resolutions are temporary and superficial fixes that do not address the root cause of the perceived problem.

First, understand that there are no problems. Second, understand that in each case the true solution is only obtained when you broaden your perspectives. In an example of literal measurement, if your problem is within a 10 foot radius of your existence, looking within that 10 feet is you will not find the solution. You may need to consider information, ideas, and suggestions, after careful consideration of course, from a radius 1 to 100 miles around you.

So often we shut out that which has not been “right here at the problem with us the entire time.” It is more likely that this new messenger is in direct response to you desire to correct or balance a problem or conflict. You are still the one making the decisions, you muse open yourself and entertain what is new and different. Apply your critical thinking but do not fail the prospect simply because it is unfamiliar or uncomfortable.

This is a message from Dr. Brolovan as delivered to Alex, a Spirit Medium. You can read more channeled messages by visiting the Spirit Message Archive or browsing the available books

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