Human Interaction

Interacting with one another is a larger part of life than you realize. The interaction is not about upholding a societal norm of socialization and normalization. The interaction is focused on sharing ideas. You see these ideas and this energy, this is how you travel your path in an inspired mind.

You will receive information from three locations in this lifetime: from your mind, from Spirit, and from others. Speaking with others, interacting with others is not a hardship, it is an opportunity to learn, and grow. We do not mean to say that you are conducting interviews or interrogations, only that when you interact you are taking part in the cycle of energy and the exchange of information that is vital to your purpose here.

As insignificant as you may feel the dialogue to be it all plays a part. Cherish each interaction, they are not punishment.

This message was communicated to Alex Zielinski, a Spirit Medium, from his Spirit Guide Wind. You can read more messages sent by Spirit in the Spirit Message Archive or in available books. You can also book a reading with Alex. 

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