A time for trying

Many of the recent messages from Spirit have focused entirely upon or briefly mentioned change. Here we see it again, that change will always be. Change is the normal and natural part of existence. Expecting the familiar routine in perpetuity simply is not the purpose of our experience and existence. What follows is today’s channeled message from a Spirit being, my Guide, called Wind as I received it through mediumship:

We call this the trying time. Not trying as in difficult or hard times, we say trying because this is the moment for you to try things. Experience things. You may see this as being bold and going on adventures, and if this calls to you this is the moment to try it. This time of trying also includes trying new methods of interaction. Turning your focus inward is where the greatest results of trying will be seen. Perhaps it is your intent to try a new method of self-reflection, self-care such as sleeping, monitoring your thoughts of yourself or others. There are many things to try and too often the human existence becomes about routine and comfort and being familiar with what is taking place.

Often mental and emotional ailments or fatigue in these areas can appear because the human form and the society cling so tightly to a routine. There is nothing routine about your existence. The friction that is often felt is the resistance to the natural and normal fluctuations of life. Do not allow the training you have received since birth into this body to control or restrict you. Burst forth into your experience with exuberance! Embrace that which is new and unfamiliar!

Everything you know right now was at one time unknown to you. At one moment you were uncomfortable because you did not know. Imagine taking that step again and enjoying the process as a being who is now better informed than you were back then.

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